The Abode’s Spiritual Work-Study Program offers both Sufi studies and work as ways of serving an Eco-Sufi Village.  Rooted in an elemental spirituality, Khidmat have 10 hours of Sufi study, 25 hours of work, and lots of fun thrown in.  Work will vary from week to week, but a consistent schedule with prayers, classes, bonfires, outings, and more anchors the program.  Room and Board is provided.

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The Abode’s Residential Volunteer Program is a more generalized offering that welcomes Abode alumni (i.e. previous residents, khadims, H2Hs, or Suluk Academy students) to serve for 30 hours per week.  Volunteers work closely with a Concentration Head and have a higher level of responsibility and autonomy.  Room and Board is provided.

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The Abode’s Food-Following Volunteer Program traces the cycle of planting, growing, harvesting, and cooking food with concentrated work on the Abode Farm and in the Abode Kitchen.  Two participants will get the chance to work 30 hours per week from May to November, learning skills in farming and cooking while living in community.  Room and Board is provided.

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