Introducing the Abode’s Benefits Program: Abode Ambassadors

Abode Ambassadors provide financial support to sustain the ongoing mission and activities of the Abode. Tithing and recurring donations have long been a source of individual support for the Abode, and now the Abode Ambassadors benefits program will reward the generosity of our community by giving back to our monthly supporters in a meaningful way.

Becoming an Ambassador is easy and the annual benefits you earn rise along with your level of contribution.

If you are an existing recurring or tithing donor, we will be happy to assist you in transferring your contribution to this new program. If you are newly considering an ongoing contribution, the Abode Ambassadors program offers you a variety of options to support the future of the Abode while earning exclusive benefits. For all inquiries, including one-time annual payment, organizational membership, and planned giving, please contact ambassadors@theabode.org

All levels include these Basic Benefits:

  • Ambassador’s card
  • Free copy of “The Holy Mysteries of the Five Elements” (New Abode Edition)
  • Recognition in Abode Annual Report
  • Advance notice of programs and events
  • New Abode logo Window Sticker
  • Opportunity to submit quote, photo, or story for use in Abode communications
  • Monthly online Ambassadors-only spiritual classes

Seeker: Individual $10/month

  • Basic Benefits

Maker: Individual $25/month; Family $45/month

  • Basic Benefits, plus
  • 5% discount at the Abode Store
  • 10% off 1 weekend Abode-sponsored program*
    • 10% off each child for Family membership
  • 2 free meal tickets to Abode Kitchen
  • Invitation to Special Membership Dinner
    • Additional seating for Family membership

Molder: Individual $45/month; Family $80/month

  • Basic and Maker Benefits, plus
  • Abode Logo Pin
  • 10% discount at the Abode store
  • 5 free meal tickets to Abode Kitchen
  • 1 Abode logo T-Shirt (2 for family)

Builder: Individual $75/month; Family $130/month

  • Basic and Molder Benefits, plus
  • 20% discount at the Abode store
  • 1 additional free book per year
  • One weekend retreat per year
  • 10 meal tickets for the Abode kitchen
  • Interview for Village View and Facebook page profile

Sustainer: Individual $99/month; Family $160/month

  • Basic and Builder Benefits, plus
  • 33% off weekend Abode-sponsored program**
  • Three free books per year
  • 1 Abode polo shirt (2 for family)

*- discount on tuition only

** – discount on tuition, room and board