co-Sufism is somewhat of a misnomer because ecology and Sufism have always been paired.  Those with hearts open are open to all beings, are open to many planes of existence, and thus open to the ecological environs in which they find themselves.

Eco-Sufism looks at the relation of the human to the very elements that make up the human, the world, and the Reality, but not only the physical elements (exoteric), also their qualities, characteristics, and their very Being (esoteric).

Foundational to the study of Eco-Sufism at the Abode is Pir Zia Inayat-Khan’s text The Holy Mysteries of the Five Elements, which acts as a guide and vade mecum (i.e. handbook) to this natural exploration.  The text, broken into 4 sections with 5 elements, mirrors the 4-week and 5-day rhythm of each month, so the book can have a daily impact.


Eco-Sufism takes a month-long look into what role the elements play in our daily lives, how spiritual practice is rooted in the very elements themselves, how contemplation and action are intrinsically linked, and how spirituality and service are lived individually and collectively.  While Eco-Sufism will definitely be an Evolving Curriculum – breath, zikr, fikr, alchemy, elemental breaths, the prayers, purification, Ziraat, contemplation, and more are contained within these pages and within the areas of study.

With hundreds of acres of land, a mountain, a pond, a farm, and a residential community, the Abode offers the perfect laboratory for engaging Sufi elementalism and for learning what spirituality and ecology share and how each can mutually enhance the other.  Eco-Sufism takes the journey from seed to tree to seed, watches the cycle of plowing, planting, growing, and harvest, engages with the seasonal rhythms, and touches into the mysteries of the living Earth.

We invite you to join us on this journey!  Come join us as a visitor, a khadim, a resident, or employee.


The heart and wings is the symbol of the Sufi activity of Hazrat Inayat Khan.  In this rendition, the colors of earth, water, fire, air, and ether (yellow, green, red, blue, grey respectively) all appear as a reminder that the elements are the wings that bring the heart down into the earth and up into the heavens.  The red heart is the heart of ishq, passion for the Beloved, and the grey star and crescent the etheric relation of sun and moon, light and dark, power and beauty.

This logo was created with love by Katya and Khaldun.