iving at the Abode is a shared journey on a spiritual path. The Abode was founded with the intention of creating a beautiful world full of beautiful people, providing a space for engagement in spiritual practice with a group of seekers.

Using the ideal of an Eco-Sufi Village, residency is one part of this thriving Village, and is an opportunity for people to learn and live, explore and grow, all in the beautiful natural elements present in the beautiful Berkshire mountains.

All Abode Residents commit to agreements currently being re-visited by a caring group of community members, while also paying a space fee, a meal fee, and participating in three hours of weekly karma yoga (cooking and/or cleaning). Residents have free access to our classes and events, as well as hundreds of acres of the Abode’s beautiful Berkshire property. Residency is determined by the Residence Committee, a group of dedicated Abodians of varied involvements and talents who deal with short and long-term residency applications as well as residency concerns.

Prospective residents are encouraged to explore the Abode Village Visits as Visits are required for residency.  This immersive weekend provides opportunities for community, spirituality, service, exploration, and much more.


If you have been to the Abode previously or have attended a Village Visit and are interested in becoming a paying Abode Resident, click HERE to fill out our application.


Also, for additional details on Abode Residency, please contact us at

Photo: Hilary Benas