Abode Retreats and Rentals


hen the heart is numb or tired, a retreat can awaken and re-enliven your spirit and outlook.  In a world that feels like it is spinning out of control, taking time away from it all and going on retreat can be the most meaningful thing that you can do for yourself.


The Abode offers a sanctuary for retreats that meet the needs of the individuals and groups, either guided or non-guided, in a setting perfectly conducive to meditation, reflection, and contemplation. With 350 acres, the Mountain, the Pond, and a rich history of Native, Shaker, and Sufi spirituality, the Abode is the perfect place to separate from the doldrums of life and connect with your own heart, your own spirit, and your own inner guidance.


Within the Sufi tradition as well as almost all spiritual traditions, one can find the importance of solace in seclusion, simplicity, and silence.  The Abode offers space for individual, self-guided retreats as well as individual guided retreats by tapping into the rich resources of Inayati Order retreat guides at the Abode.


For individual and groups interested in non-guided or self-directed retreats, the Abode has rooms, huts, and cabins available that have hosted many seekers, programs, and organizations looking to rejuvenate and connect with something deeper.


To book self-directed individual retreats or group retreats, contact retreats@theabode.org or call 518.794.8090 x125.


For guided Inayati Order retreats, the Sufi Retreat Center has a guild of experienced Inayati Order retreat guides with whom you may connect.

Photo: Hilary Benas