“My gift is an active participation in growing the Abode as a sanctuary to meet the spiritual and interpersonal needs of this time and those to come.”

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Summer Appeal Goal

Vision and Intention


For 42 years, the Abode has endured because of you:  your devotion to the vision of Pir Vilayat and the Abode’s founders and the Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

“[The Abode] is devised for people who find a need in their lives to integrate their higher ideals into everyday living, as a model for a better world to come.” – Pir Vilayat

We are still building the path to a better world…a path that we need today more than ever.  A place of sanctuary, steeped in community, embracing nature and ecology, and committed to the spirituality of those who have held this sacred spot…you, and our Sufi, Shaker and Native forbearers.


How You Can Help


In 2017, we are investing in the future of the Abode…rededicating our “hands to work and hearts to God,” by:

– Restoring our campus by refurbishing our historic structures, grounds and facilities and repurposing some facilities for increased use;

–  Honoring the message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the energy of Pir Vilayat and the scholarship of Pir Zia.

–  Renewing our commitment to universalist Sufi teachings and practices through expanded programs and education, and inviting both new and established voices and teachers, and

–  Expanding our effort to reach new audiences who seek a sanctuary among the turbulence of modern life.

Your donations to the 2017 Summer Appeal will help fund our operating needs as we build new programs and services, and allow us to fully leverage our capital to build for the future.

Please give generously.


Photos on this page by Hilary Benas
Photo on donation link by White Light Exposure