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The Abode is an Eco-Sufi Village where Eco honors the land, Sufi honors the Message of the Inayati Sufis, and Village honors the gathering of volunteers, residents, organizations, retreatants, and guests who come to the Abode having individual paths but the support of others along the way. All are welcome.

“The Abode’s mission is to offer all Sufis and seekers a sanctuary for spiritual exploration and community, in harmony with nature, built upon the teachings and practices of universalist, Inayati Sufism. Thus, the Abode is Spiritual in Nature, Universal in Message, and Elemental in Practice.”

Passed from Native to Shaker to Sufi hands, this spiritual community and retreat center founded by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan in 1975 encompasses 350 acres, a Mountain Camp, a Pond, the Abode Farm CSA, a Sufi Center, an immersive nature school, and a tradition of “love, harmony, and beauty.”

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With 350 acres of beautiful land and historic facilities, the Abode is the perfect place to attend or host your next program or retreat.

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Abode Staff and Board

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Al Bellenchia

Al Bellenchia

Executive Director
Ibrahím Pedriñán

Ibrahím Pedriñán

Director of Programs
Nasreen Linda Moayedi

Nasreen Linda Moayedi

Board Chair
Cherishmarie Church

Cherishmarie Church

Guest Services Manager

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Abode News and Views

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  • Abode Village View – Week of 8/14

    For 42 years, the Abode has endured because of you: your devotion to the vision of Pir Vilayat and the Abode’s founders and the Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Our beloved Ra​zzaq has long been the heart of the Abode. Since the Abode’s founding, R​a​zzaq has stood as the entry sentinel to our campus, welcoming and embracing all into the core of the campus....

  • Abode Village View, Summer Appeal Edition

    Dear Friends of the Abode, Less than three years ago the Abode was on the verge of collapse. After 40 years of existence as both a spiritual and physical home to people, belief and practice, the Abode I cherish and hold in my heart was fast approaching becoming little more than a halcyon memory....

  • Abode Village View – Week of 7/31

    Happiest of summers and almost-August! It is Saturday afternoon and I am literally (and literarily) writing this under the apple tree in front of Razzaq, a cardinal chirping, and bees buzzing behind me. This is truly a glorious place!...